Car-Motion Driving Tuition

"Safe and Eco Driving"


We provide extensive and flexible training for all of our pupils, our skills are being able to understand the individual needs of that pupil, as we all have different learning abilities and styles.

As a new driver on the road you will have some driving knowledge already, likewise as a full licence holder, there could be gaps in your knowledge, and we are trained to fill these gaps and make your learning experience exciting. We also conduct MOCK tests for free! Petrol lessons are also included along with how to change a wheel on your vehicle in case of a puncture, and please remember to recommend a friend to get free cinema vouchers!

Enjoy your driving, enjoy the experience, call now to discuss your requirements.


New Drivers & Learners
(Provisional Licence Holders)
Knowledge Adaptive Lessons
2hr Lesson
Covering all Manoeuvres
Block Booking
Discount Available
Flexible, Friendly Service
Pass Plus Registered
Safe and Eco Driving for Life 
Experienced/Full Licence Holders
2hr Lesson
Driving Assessment and Recommendations
Motorway Driving
Parallel and Bay Parking
Night Time Driving
Advanced Driving Techniques
Flexible, Friendly Service
Safe and Eco Driving for Life

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